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The best thing i use and my garden is in full sunlight as its south facing is boiled pearl barley mixed with klay into a paste ,soak over night in water then boil for 45-60 Min's and let cool down then mix into a clay paste the barley is 39p for 500gms a weeks supply in feed ,you can get in most supermarkets, clay can vary form maker to the next refresh is best ,then just feed to your fish every day for at least 2 months you will see a reduction and will disappear in about 5 months ,as the barley waste from fish rots down it releases a toxin that kills algae ,the same found in barley straw and extract but this is a cheaper and better way of using barley it also improves your fishes skin and helps heal cuts and scrapes faster on your fish and bulks them out for showing ,and good skin luster and gin rin comes out better on your fish as the clay gets the minerals in the fish after all koi are mud feeders that's why they have barbels to search for food in the mud ,this will not only improve your fish but will get rid of blanketweed for good ,even in south gardens .


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